Can I buy them online from you?

Not at the moment, but it is something we are thinking about for the future. 
You can of course buy them from us at the Deli or they are being sold in select retailers across the South West. Stockists do vary from time to time, so best call ahead to make sure they have them. We will include locations as soon as we have them!

How long do your macarons keep for?

Our Macarons remain fresh for up to 5-7 days if kept refrigerated. They are best served at room temperature. Take them out about 30 mins before eating. 

Are all of your macarons gluten free?

Our macarons are made to the traditional french recipe which does not contain any ingredients that has wheat in them. 
Unfortunately, as our kitchen does produce wheat containing products we cannot 'officially' say they are gluten free.
The link below has an allergen info if you need more detail.

Macaron Allergen Info

Do you have any dairy-free macarons?

Sorry, they all contain dairy at the mo!

Are all of your macarons vegetarian friendly?

Yes, they all veggie friendly.

Can you do customised macarons for weddings, birthday parties or corporate events?

With enough notice, absolutely. Best to pop in, call or drop us an email to discuss. 01326 727007 /

Are your macarons available to wholesale customers?

Yes, absolutely. We offer both a food service option, should you wish to offer them as part of your menu or we ship ready packed gift boxes.
You can order them via Westcountry Fruit Sales who will ship them directly to you (minimum orders apply).
Or, if you are willing to collect from us at the Deli we can have an order ready for you.

Do you retail our macaron and need some promotional material?

Please click on the links to download the Point of Sale material:

Macaron or Macaroon?
Food Service PoS
Gift Box (6 macaron) PoS
Gift Box (12 macaron) PoS
Gift Box (6 & 12 macaron) PoS