Daytime Café Menu at The Courtyard Deli


Served until 11am

£3.00 / Toast & Trimmings

Toast* with Cornish Butter & Choice of Jam, Marmalade, Marmite or Peanut Butter

 £3.50 / Jumbo Oat Cinnamon Porridge

A hearty start to your day. Topped with dried Fruit & Nuts

 £4.50 / Toast with Toppings

Toast* with one topping of your choice (choose from Eggs as you like them, Bacon, Grilled Tomatoes, Herby Mushrooms, Giant Beans, Hummus & Seeds)  Additional toppings £1.00 each

 £5.25 / Toasted Panettone

Chai Apricots, Greek Yoghurt, Honey, Pistachios

 £5.50 / Bacon & Eggs Deli-Style

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon on Toast* with Smoky Tomato Salsa

 £5.95 / Chorizo Sausage Sandwich

Served in our Sourdough Bread* with a Smoky Bravas Mayonnaise and
mixed leaves. Add a Fried Egg for 50p

 £6.50 / Chorizo Parilla & Egg

Spicy Chorizo & Butterbeans topped with an Egg, served with Bread*


£5.00 / Soup (see board for details)

Served with a slice of our Sourdough Bread *

 £5.25 / Hummus Plate

Our Hummus Selection served with 2 slices of our Sourdough *

 £5.95 / Daily Sandwich Specials (see board for details)

Made with our Sourdough Bread *

 £6.75 / Mezze Salad

A selection of our daily Deli Salads (see board for details) with Hummus, Sunkissed Tomatoes, and Toasted Seeds

£6.95 Daily Tart (see board for details)

Served with dressed leaves & a small selection of our daily Deli Salads

£7.50 / Deli Platters

A trio of Deli Favourites, served with Hummus and 1 slice of our Sourdough Bread * Choose from:

Italian Meat Feast – Prosciutto, Mixed Salamis & Balsamic Onions

Spanish Selection – Chorizo, Lomo, Manchego & Membrillo (Quince Paste)

Vegetarian – Grilled Artichoke, Cherrybell Peppers & Sunkissed Tomatoes (Vegan option- substitute olives in place of peppers)

Old Faithful – Prosciutto, Anchovies & Grilled Artichoke

 £7.95 / Cheese Board

Choose 3 Cheeses you fancy & we'll sort the Crackers & Chutney


£2.00 / Bread & Oil Board * 2 slices of our Sourdough bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic

 £2.50 / Patatas Bravas  Lightly Fried Cornish Potatoes served with Smoky Tomato Salsa

£2.75 / Deli Counter Antipasti 100g of any of our Antipasti (Choose from Hummus, Olives, Roasted Artichokes, Sundried Tomatoes, Cherrybell Peppers)

 £3.50 / Side Salad  A small selection of our daily Deli Salads

 * We bake our own Vermon-style Sourdough at the Deli. Please let us know if you'd prefer to swap for gluten-free bread.