Cornish Macarons Gift Boxes

We're now selling our delicious macarons in beautiful gift boxes
Cornish Macarons Gift Boxes - banner

With 6 of our best-selling flavours packaged up in a gift box, beautifully illustrated by Falmouth artist Sara Galerie, our Cornish Macarons make the perfect present!

A 6 macarons gift box costs £6.50 and contains 1 each of the following flavours:

Raspberry & White Chocolate | Vanilla | Cornish Sea Salt | Pistachio | Passion Fruit | Cappuccino

A 12 macarons gift box costs £11.95 for 2 of each of the flavours.

Pick them up from the Deli. Or, as we're now selling them in other outlets too, look out for them in your other favourite foodie destinations.