"Couplepreneurs" Event

So great to meet other couples running businesses together - lots of helpful tips and useful contacts

Last month we were invited to attend a Couplepreneurs event at the Soho Hotel in London. It was a fantastic opportunity for us and we were delighted to have been asked along.

We met a large number of other couples running busiensses together of all sizes and in hugely diverse industries and we used the opportunity to pick their brains as much as possible to learn from their wealth of experience and to share a little back of our own. 

We were also pleased to be able to share some of our Cornish macarons with each of the other guests so they could enjoy a little bit of the Courtyard Deli & Kitchen for themselves. 

Thanks to Patricia and everyone involved in the Couplepreneurs event for putting on a really impressive evening. Here's to much continued success for us all as a result of our time together!