Kitchen/Cabin Suppers & Event Catering

Why not treat the cook to a night off?
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Why not treat the cook to a night off and enjoy a fully-catered night in at home? Also works perfectly as a crew or cabin supper.

With 48 hours’ notice, we can prepare a kitchen supper which will just need popping in the oven to heat up where required and serving to your guests.

We can even prepare the meal in your own dishes so that no one will guess you haven’t done it yourself! These are by no means exhaustive and if you have a favourite you want us to cook we will be more than happy to oblige.

You can also add an easy starter made up of items from our deli counter if you wish.

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We have chosen our favourite and most popular dishes for our outside catering, but we can of course tailor it to your requirements. Contact to discuss in more detail.