Vineyard Candles now in

Beautiful hand-poured natural wax candles, spiced with deliciously drink-inspired fragrances.
Vineyard Candles now in - banner

We are really excited to be stocking these beautiful candles from Vineyard Candles in Wadebridge. 

Inspired by the bottles from local Cornish vineyards, the team at Vineyard Candles create these stunning gifts from repurposed wine and beer bottles, with each bottle cut and ground by hand and the rims polished by flame to give a perfect finish. The luxury hand poured natural wax candles are spiced with trendy drink inspired fragrances and come packaged in a beautifully designed tube.

They only arrived this morning and have already bathed the Deli in their delicious sweet and spicy scents. Customers can't help but pick them up to handle their beautiful form and inhale their stunning fragrances.

Priced at £17.99, they're a perfect gift for wine and cocktail lovers!