New Yoga Offer

Come to a class in our upstairs yoga studio & enjoy 10% off your order in the café
New Yoga Offer - banner

Why not come along to one of the Yoga Quota classes that run upstairs at the deli from Monday to Friday and bag yourself a nifty discount on food and drink purchased in the café?

You just need to book in to a class here and at the end of your practice our lovely teacher, Lucy, will give you an "om" token. 

You can then hand your token in at the till downstairs for 10% off the food and drink you order to eat in at the deli. 

There's no expiry date on the tokens so you can keep hold of them to use at a later date if you prefer. Do note however that the token will only apply to your own purchases though, not to a table-full of diners.

But after all that virtuousness, go on, be kind to yourself and treat yourself to a tasty breakfast - you deserve it! :)