Kennall Vale Cheese

Well done to Julie & Trevor on their wins at the recent Mowbray Melton Cheese Awards
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Local artisan cheese-makers Julie & Trevor started making cheese a few years ago in their farmhouse kitchen for their own use and for their friends and family. Living on a dairy farm, they had plenty of delicious fresh milk so it seemed a sensible thing to do.

Employing traditional methods and using the superb quality creamy milk from their own herd of pedigree Ayrshire cows, it wasn't long before other people started recognising the quality of their cheese and they were roundly encouraged to set up business.  

Only a few  years later, and their cheese has become a real local favourite. And earlier this month they were recognised for the quality of their work at the Mowbray Melton Cheese Awards.

Their unpasteurised St Gluvias with its complex savoury flavour and creamy, buttery notes won a Gold Award. And their pasteurised version, called Treloar, with its slightly firmer texture won a Silver Award.

Huge congratulations to both Julie & Trevor who work tirelessly to produce these fantastic cheeses. All that hard work is paying off!

The Deli has both St Gluvias and Treloar in stock currently. And we use the Treloar in our Cornish Rarebit sandwhich - one of the most popular items on our menu. Why not drop by and have a taste...!

And for more information about Kennall Vale Cheese, visit their website at