Illustrated coffee menu

Choosing just the right coffee will be easier now, thanks to Molly Martin
Illustrated coffee menu - banner

Many of you will already know that we like to use the creative talents of our team to design and develop some of the signs and marketing materials in use at the Deli.

If you have popped in lately, you may have noticed that we have had another update of some of our blackboards.

Molly Martin, a graduate in illustration from Falmouth University - and a former employee of ours - recently popped back from her home in Somerset to update our coffee menus.

Having caught the bug when doing our beautiful blackboard in the loo, she’s now decided to kick off a career in sign-writing and we offered to be her first formal clients.

We think you’ll agree, she’s done a really fantastic job!

Hopefully it will make choosing just the right coffee that little bit easier.

And we’re pleased to say, whilst working on our boards, she got another offer to do some sign-writing for a B&B in Devon.

Nice work Molly!