Far too nice for drying up

New range of tea-towels by former Falmouth Uni graduate Stuart Gardiner
Far too nice for drying up - banner

IOHO (in our humble opinion) our new range of tea-towels are a bit too special to use for just drying up dishes. In fact, we’re currently using ours as a wall display in the deli we think they’re so nice. But they would also make a beautiful gift for those with a keen interest in food and wine.

Designed by Stuart Gardiner (a former graduate from Falmouth University’s Graphic Information Design course), the set includes:

  • A seasonal guide to British fruit & veg – so you’ll never be in any doubt what fresh local produce is best enjoyed when
  • A seasonal & sustainable guide to British seafood - so you'll always know the best time to eat certain fish, and when to avoid it due to yearly reproduction seasons; also includes a sustainability rating for each fish
  • A guide to pairing white wine with food – become the sommelier of your own kitchen with this guide to the best white wine food pairings
  • A guide to pairing red wine with food – giving you the low down on best food matches to go with your favourite red wines
  • A guide to pairing beer with food – not to be left out, beer, like wine, too works best when matched with appropriate food choices

Priced at just £7.50 each, they’re a great gift, alone, or paired with a nice bottle of beer/wine.... as it happens, also on sale in the Deli…!