Molly's map

One of our talented team has created a beautiful illustrated map to the Courtyard Deli
Molly's map - banner

Molly Martin, who works for us as a Deli Assistant and has graduated in Illustration from Falmouth University, has recently applied her talents to creating a location map for the Courtyard Deli.

The deli is in a tucked away location in the centre of Falmouth which, whilst a blessing in some ways, can make it hard sometimes for people to find us.

To try and solve this problem we came up with the idea of producing a map to help guide people to us which we could post on our website and use on other printed stationery as needed.

With Molly's talent in illustration already evident on some of the chalkboards in the deli it was only natural that we turn to her again to help with this new idea.

You can see the finished product on the Location tab of our website. It also forms the front of our new A6 flyer which we're in the process of distributing around Falmouth in the hope it may encourage people who don't already know us to search us out.

Thank you once again Molly for your excellent work. Let's hope it does the trick!