Working with other local businesses

We were lucky enough to take over from the previous owners a number of existing relationships with local businesses in Falmouth. And in our first few months of business, we’ve been pleased to develop even more.

Stones Bakery ( supply the fresh bread we use each day. In our view it is the best in town and buying fresh from them rather than making our own means we can focus more of our time and resources on developing a wider selection of tasty pastries, cakes and deli items.

Toro (1 Old Brewery Yard, just off the Old High Street) supply our beautiful terrariums, cacti and air plant displays. In the few weeks they’ve been in place in the deli we have had so many positive comments about the arrangements and have been only too happy to refer customers up to Tor in her new premises just up the road so they can get hold of the same.

A large proportion of the groceries we use each day in our kitchen come from West Country Fruit Sales ( and we in turn supply their affiliated ecommerce business Cornish Food Market ( with freshly cut cheeses and cured meats as well as speciality fresh and packaged produce from the deli.

Elixir Soup & Juice ( also use some of our cheeses and home-cooked meats in their delicious range of sandwiches. And as a result of their recommendation, we have recently smoked and roasted meats to fill the sandwiches of the J Class yacht crews ( Hopefully, we will have helped give the teams the protein-fix they needed to see them through the day.

Our hampers filled with Cornish treats are used by the Alverton Hotel in Truro ( and the Pendennis Shipyard ( also order lunchboxes of fresh sandwiches and sweet treats from time to time.

And, of course, not forgetting local branding and design firm, Hudson Armstrong ( who have done a fantastic job at steering us through our recent rebrand & website launch. A huge thank you to you guys for all your patience and support!

It’s such a refreshing change to be part of small community where businesses genuinely want to help each other out and we’d love to continue to do the same, so, if you’re a local business and you’re interested in partnering up in some way, do please get in in touch.