Our new branding

Our inspiration for creating a new look and feel for the Courtyard Deli & Kitchen comes from our historic building and beautiful sunny courtyard.

Bell's Court, where the Courtyard Deli is located, is best known as the location of the Packet Agent's office at the time of the Packet mutiny of 1810 when Christopher Saverland read the Riot Act to the Packet crews from the steps of our building. Crew members were mutinying after Customs Officers had confiscated their private goods intended for sale overseas and regarded by the crew as legitimate 'perks'. The Falmouth Packet Service operated out of Falmouth for over 160 years between 1688 and 1850, however in the end steam was Falmouth’s undoing.  The steamships were faster and more reliable than the old sailing packets and they had no problem reaching London whatever the weather. This building was also used as the Falmouth Maritime Museum from 1985 until it moved to its new site in Discovery Quay and became known as the National Maritime Museum Cornwall in 2003.

Whilst there has been a delicatessen at 2 Bells Court for 8 or so years, many locals and regular visitors to Falmouth have told us they only happened upon the place by chance. We hope that by incorporating our distinctive shop frontage in our logo and using a bright sunny yellow for our street signage and marketing materials going forward we will more effectively catch people’s eye and stick in people’s minds.

Keep your eyes peeled over coming weeks as our new look gets rolled out.