Hello Falmouth

My husband, Chris, and I took over the Courtyard Deli & Kitchen in Falmouth around Easter-time this year. We were drawn initially to Falmouth (and to the Courtyard Deli) because we felt it was a place we could really enjoy living and we hoped we would also enjoy running a business here - so far we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Having moved from London earlier in the year, we have been really touched by the warm welcome we have received from our team, existing customers, the council & BID team reps and other Falmouth businesses.

A couple of months in and we’re in the process working out how best to develop this already successful business. We have spent a good part of our first few weeks listening to the thoughts and views of our regular customers and our team and using that insight to help fine-tune our existing deli and kitchen offerings.  And we are now experimenting with new products as well as refining existing choices to make sure what we’re selling really hits the mark for a delicatessen in Falmouth. In the next few weeks we will also roll out our new logo and branding which we hope will attract new customers to come and seek us out.

As we head into what we hope will be a busy summer, we no doubt have a steep learning curve ahead. We would like to take the opportunity now though to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped us so far transition into a much-loved business without too many bumps. We look forward to continuing the journey ahead with you all…!